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NJ Civil War Flag Rotation
Historic New Jersey Civil War Flags on Display At The State Museum In Trenton until June 2023 (Trenton, NJ - December 16, 2022) - New Jersey contributed over 80,000 men to the Civil War and the New Jersey State Museum has over 100 flags carried by New Jersey’s troops in the war in its collection. Five of these historic flags will be unveiled in specially designed exhibit cases at the New Jersey State Museum located at 205 West State Street in Trenton at 10 AM on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. The flags gallery exhibit area is located at the right rear of the main first floor of the museum. Free off-street parking is available behind the museum. The unveiling will feature four regimental battle flags and one headquarters flag carried by New Jersey troops. The most unique flag in this group is a fancy blue Regimental flag featuring a hand-painted New Jersey state seal that was presented to the 23rd Regiment by “The Sunday School Army of Burlington County” in April 1863. Another unique flag in this group is a swallow-tailed guidon of the 4th New Jersey Battery from 1863. This flag is one of the few artillery guidons that have survived, and it is the only one to have a list of its battles painted on it. Also in this group are the National flag of the 8th Infantry, which was carried in action at Gettysburg, as well as a beautiful late war National flag of the 7th Infantry, which is adorned with the names of 24 battles that the unit fought in. The fifth flag in this unveiling is a headquarters flag from the famous “First New Jersey Brigade” carried during the last two years of the war in Virginia. These flags have not been on display since 2016. Organized by the New Jersey State Museum and the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, the unveiling event will feature an educational gallery walk by flag historian Dr. David Martin. He is currently preparing a detailed history of the State’s Civil War flags for publication. The exhibit was prepared by Nicholas Ciotola, Curator of Cultural History at the New Jersey State Museum. These flags will be shown until late June 2023, when a new group of flags will be put on display.
What: New Jersey Civil War Flag Exhibition Where: NJ State Museum, Main Building, South Gallery, 205 West State Street, Trenton, NJ Cost: FREE, Open to the Public, No Reservations Needed
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association Invites You To Participate In A Social Studies Essay Competition (Open to Eighth and Ninth Grade Students) Deadline May 1, 2023 During the American Civil War, one of the most important battles occurred just 180 miles south west of Trenton, NJ at Gettysburg, PA. Most historians agree that this battle was the turning point of the Civil War. New Jersey fielded around 4,000 troops in 14 regiments and batteries of soldiers at Gettysburg. The assignment is to pick one of New Jersey’s regiments , or one of the commanders of a New Jersey regiment. Then, give a report on their actions during the Gettysburg battle in July 1863. For example: The 12th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment, or Colonel George Burling. THE RULES: 1 - Must be typed double space. 2 - No less than 500 words. No more than 700 words. 3 - Any quotes must have footnotes. 4 - Deadline is MAY 1, 2023. NO Extensions or Exceptions. 5 - Use the reference links that are provided below: A: General Overview of Battle of Gettysburg: B: Order of Battle, Army of the Potomac: C: Gettysburg National Military Park website: D: Stryker’s New Jersey in the War of the Rebellion: E: John Y. Foster’s 1868 book, New Jersey in the War of the Rebellion: F: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion: Each participating district will submit the top three entries selected by the teachers. Once the essays are submitted using the email address below, they will be reviewed by a committee of members of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association (NJCWHA). ALL RESULTS ARE FINAL PRIZES: Award Certificates and Amazon Gift Cards will be sent to the winners’ schools for Awards Night or Graduation Ceremonies. Awards are Amazon Gift Cards: 1st Place - $100; 2nd Place - $75; 3rd Place - $50. Submit Entries to: Visit our website: For questions, contact Dr. David Martin,
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Assn PO Box 442, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075