NJ Civil War Flag Rotation ON DISPLAY NOW
Historic New Jersey Civil War Flags in Trenton as Part of Patriots Week Activities. New Jersey contributed over 80,000 men to the fight and the New Jersey State Museum has over 100 flags carried by New Jersey’s troops in the war in its collection. Five of these historic flags will be unveiled in specially designed exhibit cases at the New Jersey State Museum, located at 205 West State Street in Trenton at 10 AM on Thursday, December 28, 2023. The flags to be unveiled for display are some of the most distinctive in the collection, and they have not been on display for several years. Included will be the national colors of the 5th and 11th Infantry regiments, the state colors of the 1st Infantry and 3rd Cavalry, and a Confederate flag captured by New Jersey troops on May 3, 1863 at the battle of Chancellorsville. Two of the flags (1st and 5th) probably saw action at Gettysburg, and two color bearers fell casualty while bearing the flag of the 11th regiment in 1864. Organized by the New Jersey State Museum and the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, the unveiling event will feature an educational gallery walk by flag historian Dr. David Martin, author of the award winning New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook. Dr. Martin is currently preparing a detailed history of the State’s Civil War flags for publication. The gallery also features a rotating exhibition including Civil War related photographs, sculptures and related memorabilia. The exhibits have been prepared by Nicholas Ciotola, Curator of Cultural History at the New Jersey State Museum, with the aid of members of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association. These flags will be on exhibit until late June, 2024, when a new group of flags will be put on display. For more information on flags lecture: Contact Dr. David Martin at dmartin@peddie.org For more information on Patriots Week see: https://patriotsweek.com/
Where: NJ State Museum, Main Building, South Gallery, 205 West State Street, Trenton, NJ Cost: FREE, Open to the Public, No Reservations Needed
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association
1st NJ Regimental 5th NJ National 11th National 3rd NJ Cavalry Confederate Flag Regimental Captured by the 7th NJ
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Assn PO Box 442, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075 Info@njcivilwar.com
The 7th NJ Vol Infantry Capturing one of the five Confederate Flags at Chancellorsville, Depicted in “Gone for a Soldier. the Civil War Memoirs of Private Alfred Bellard”