A New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association subcommittee 2011 NJ Studies Academic Alliance for Non Fiction Awarded the  2011 Non Fiction Reference Book of the Year from the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance  New Jersey Goes to War,  Biographies of 150 New Jerseyans Caught Up in the Struggle of the Civil War, including Soldiers, Civilians, Men, Women, Heroes, Scoundrels – and a Heroic Horse.   Click for more details  100% of all proceeds go directly back to the  NJ Civil War 150 Committee  to help further more  NJ Civil War Projects New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook New Jersey at Gettysburg 16 Guidebook Private Simon W. Creamer, Co. K, 12th New Jersey. Killed at Gettysburg
An Official New Jersey 150 Committee Publication New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook By David G. Martin
General Judson Kilpatrick, born in Wantage Township, Sussex County and lived there after the Civil War, hosting the famed Civil War Veteran reenactment in Aug 1878.
“Gone for a Soldier:” Jerseymen in the Civil War An exhibition catalog by Macculloch Hall Historical Museum in collaboration with New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee
The 141 page color collector’s catalog of all the NJ Civil War items which appeared in this 2012 show. Brought together for the first time many never before seen memorabilia from  private and public collections. A must have for any student of NJ Civil War history or Civil War collectibles. 
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Discover Your Community's Civil War Heritage Discover    the    role    of    your    town    in    the    most    significant    even    in American   History   -   the   great   Civil   War   that   determined   whether   our country would survive as a free and united country A   researchers   and   genealogists   resource   guide   of   researching   Civil War veterans in your town. Click for more details
New Jersey's Civil War Odyssey Untold    and    Long-Forgotten    Stories    of    New    Jerseyans     and    how    they coped   with   the American   Civil   War   and   its   Memory,   Including Accounts   of New Jersey Civil War Political Myths, Jewish Jerseymen in the ranks, A   Confederate   General   from   Elizabeth,   Holding   the   Line   at   Gettysburg, Wartime    Base    Ball,    the    Hoboken    Bounty-Jumper    Sting,    the    “Great Reunion”   at   Deckertown,   Strange   Tales   of   War   Monuments,   a   National Cemetery   full   of   Confederates,   the   Centennial   Commission’s   Principled Stand Against Racism, and much more.   Click for more details
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