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Discover the role of your town in the most significant event in American history – the great Civil War that determined whether our country would survive as a free and united nation
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Discover Your Community’s Civil War Heritage
Discover Your Community’s Civil War Heritage Review
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- Robert J. Fridlington Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Kean University
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Fort Wagner, SC, Cranford NJ resident John R Myrick fought here and detailed in “Discover Your Community’s Civil War Heritage”
"This book is beautifully written, scholarly and tightly organized. It also serves as a handbook for using a computer to perform historical research. I am mightily impressed, and I am sure others will be, too."
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Discover Your Community’s Civil War Heritage Published by the NJ Civil War 150 Committee of NJCWHA
Civil War 150 Committee
This book from New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee provides important research assistance and guidance to local historians and genealogists. Discover Your Community's Civil War Heritage, by Steven D. Glazer, is the Committee’s latest publication. The 62-page, 8 1/2-by-11-inch-format book serves as a comprehensive and up-to-date manual for those wishing to research the stories of their own community’s Civil War veterans. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, including local historians, educators, genealogists, grant writers and journalists. After asking local historians how many Civil War veterans had lived in Cranford Township (established in 1871), and receiving only one or two names in response, Glazer began to investigate the subject himself. He eventually came up with over eighty Cranford residents, many of them local officials, who had fought in the war or otherwise had a material connection to the momentous events of the era. He discovered that Cranford was even home to a former Confederate colonel, who lived there with his family while he designed the foundation and pedestal for the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Other Cranford residents had interesting connections with Abraham Lincoln; one helped foil the first assassination plot against Lincoln, while another was present in Ford’s Theatre the night the president was fatally shot. Uncovering the deeds of New Jerseyans of the Civil War era provides a way to honor their memory as well as establish local connections to the transformative national events of 150 years ago. Among many other positive results, the process of identifying and studying a town’s Civil War heritage can expand interest in local history, promote heritage tourism, support historic preservation efforts and incorporate Civil War connections into Veterans Day and Memorial Day celebrations. This unique guide, conveniently produced in ring-binder format for easier use, details the research approaches and numerous historical sources the author employed, with a particular emphasis on leveraging the power of the Internet. And unlike any other available publications, this one provides a clear road map for discovering any New Jersey town’s Civil War heritage, including the identity of veterans who lived there. It is also an indispensable tool for individuals exploring their family’s Civil War connections. Although specific to the Garden State, the book’s instructions and sources are readily applicable elsewhere.
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