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Brought together for this limited show, now since closed but available in this collectors color catalog Many never before seen items in private and public collections.
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Largest Exhibition of NJ Civil War Artifacts
Buy Now Uniform, 35th New Jersey Vol, Cladek Zouaves Memorabilia of 2nd Lt John A. Cole, Pleasant Run Cadets 1860-1861 Vredenburg Frock & Kearny Frock & Cloak Forage Cap & Slouch Hat Snare Drum First Regiment US Hussars - 3rd NJ Cavalry Tintype Enlisted man's frock of Pvt G Thompson, 15th NJ Co E worn at the Wilderness Enlisted man’s frock coat with battle damage, worn by  Pvt George Thompson, 15th New Jersey Volunteers, Co E  at the Battle of the Wilderness - May 5th 1864, in the  “Gone for a Soldier:” Catalog. (John W. Kuhl Collection)
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“Gone for a Soldier:” Jerseymen in the Civil War Published by the NJ Civil War 150 Committee of NJCWHA
Civil War 150 Committee
This unique catalog contains all the NJ Civil War artifacts which were in the Macculloch Hall Historical Museum’s Exhibit “Gone for a Soldier:” Jerseymen in the Civil War, which ran from late 2011 to mid 2012. This catalog was intended as a companion guide for visitors to the exhibit, giving more detail on all each item as well as a lasting memory to take home. It brings together many unseen or unknown civil war artifacts, nearly 200 items, into one place for the first time since the late 1880’s. The items contained within are from New Jersey historical societies, museums and private collections throughout New Jersey and as far away as DC, Maryland and even Richmond, VA. This publication contains, uniforms, rifles, swords, accoutrements, flags, drums, recruiting posters, and other diverse items including many personal belongings carried by these New Jersey soldiers, many who never came back from the war. This catalog also tells a story of those New Jersey Soldiers, some fighting for the Confederacy too, and reminds us of the valor of the 80,000 Jerseymen who took up arms to save the Union.
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